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9/1/06 02:01 pm - opheliasmusing - ghost girl vid?

does anybody know any more about this video? is this legit?

it reminds me SO much of a video i saw on unsolved mysteries when i was like, 10- but it was different- there was more stuff in the room, and the guy only noticed the little girl standing in the corner when he reviewed the tape later... google video behind the cutCollapse )

if for some reason the video doesn't work, google video "ghost girl" and choose the thumbnail that's solid grey (there's like, a dozen or so copies of this online).

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9/1/06 10:23 am - mentalward - Ghost Hunter Killed

Let this serve as a reminder to all of us who hunt for ghosts. No matter what the case or situation, it is NEVER a good idea to trespass, because you NEVER know what can and will happen.

Ghost Hunter Killed

I thought I would share it in case not everyone heard about it.

3/28/06 12:15 pm - mentalward - NESG: Back On A Mission!

So, if some of you lingered around the Maryland Ghosts and Spirits Association (MGSA) forums, you would know that there were monthly (sometimes more) gatherings called Non-Ethereal Spirits Gathering or NESG. I was the person in charge of these gatherings, but once the MGSA board crashed and burned.. they have been on hiatus. Until now..

NESG has spawned into HauntedStudies and will be colaborating with Maryland Paranormal Research Society in order to re-enstate the NESG by having an April gathering!

Please come to the MPRS Forum to learn more and please email me your email if you'd like to be on the list of invites for this event and future events.

8/5/05 10:43 pm - evilqueen_ - Website promotion.

Hello all. I'm just here to promote my website that I run with a friend of mine. Check out www.downadarkpath.net, and check out our forum here. The website is not currently up, but at least check out the forum, register, and start posting!

7/9/05 10:22 pm - revnephilim - Nephilim Investigations - About Us

Our founder, Reverend Daniel "Nephilim" Moran, born of mixed Celtic and Romany (Gypsy) ancestry, is a lifetime practitioner of the Magical arts and an expert in all fields of religion and spiritual discipline. He holds ordination in several religious organizations, Doctorates in Divinity and Parapsychology, and has lectured on metaphysical subjects at major universities, as well as appearing in numerous television, radio, and print interviews (including the Learning Channel series Weird Worlds with Dweezil Zappa, and several appearances with controversial evangelist Bob Larson), and working as technical advisor for film and video projects dealing with the supernatural in both fact and fiction. His private collection of occult books and artifacts is one of the largest in the world, and he has been a professional paranormal investigator for over 20 years.

Daniel Nephilim is the current Grand Master of the Priory of Sion and the editor-translator of The Nephilim Bible and The Mysteries of the Worm (coming soon). He is also known as a devotee of the life of Giacomo Casanova, is a frequently-seen figure in the Baltimore/Washington area Goth scene, and has worked as a professional musician and DJ. In his spare time, he enjoys classic horror films and astronomy.

Rev. Nephilim is pleased to make Nephilim Investigations available to all!

"The most merciful thing in the world, I think, is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents. We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far. The sciences, each straining in its own direction, have hitherto harmed us little; but some day the piecing together of dissociated knowledge will open up such terrifying vistas of reality, and of our frightful position therein, that we shall either go mad from the revelation or flee from the light into the peace and safety of a new dark age." - HP Lovecraft, The Call of Cthulhu


Sarah "Pixie" Ulmholz is the public relations specialist and event coordinator for Nephilim Investigations. She has had an interest in the paranormal since having had an experience with a ghost as a child:

"I was only about 5 years old, but it sticks out so clearly in my memory, I KNOW I saw her. We used to live in this huge house in upstate New York. It was over 150 years old."

"In the back of the house, on the second story, facing the garden, was this large bay-window like projection. It had a door that led to a staircase to the garden. My younger sister and I were playing in the hallway, near the stairs in front of the cupola when I saw a lady standing there at a desk. She was writing a letter - I can remember hearing her pen scratching on the paper as she wrote - and she was crying. Looking back on it, from what I know now of historical clothing, she was dressed in a mourning costume of around the 1880s (I've made myself a copy of the dress she wore). She looked at us and faded."

Pixie is a practitioner of neo-Pagan Magick and has studied the works of the late Scott Cunningham.She is a big fan of sushi, Gone With The Wind, and the band Siouxsie and the Banshees.

She owns a Colombian boa constrictor named Lilith, and also works in the show-business field. Her good looks and affable personality serve well to off-set Rev. Nephilim's sometimes worrisome stoicism and general broodishness.



4/29/05 04:43 pm - 3rdrate - Strangewire


Hey, just wanted to let you guys know about Strangewire.com, a blog for all things paranormal, supernatural, and the like from legitimate news sources. Unlike the type of sites and columns that deal in "wacky news"-style articles about goofy work mishaps and amusing medical malpractice, Strangewire attempts to deal with phenomena that are part of a bigger question, from strange lights in the sky in the south-west US, to a man with claims of a haunting in Australia, from zombies and voodoo practice in Haiti to global government conspiracies. Fox Mulder's favorite blog, in other words. Recent articles include headlines such as "FLESH CHUNKS IN IOWA WATER LINES" and "NEW JAPANESE GHOST DETECTOR FOR SALE."

Check out Strangwire.com, or just add the livejournal feed here to your friends list.

Nick, SW

4/9/05 08:56 pm - nincs_esze


4/9/05 08:52 pm - nincs_esze - Mod info

hey sorry i have been away for a while with school and everything. i want to set up a group to go do some ghost hunting anyone interested?

4/9/05 04:01 am - xxbreakxitxx


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What do you all think of ghosts?
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3/26/05 12:33 am - xxbreakxitxx

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