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2/10/05 06:13 pm - mentalward - Maryland Ghost Hunters!

I would like to invite everyone who is interested in ghost hunting especially in Maryland to come join mdghosts, which is sister forum to the Maryland Ghost and Spirit Association. Even if you aren't in Maryland, you are more then welcomed to join because we have an extensive list of links that could help with all your ghost hunting needs. We also will discuss investigations, techinques, hauntings, and equipment.

So, please join mdghosts!

2/3/05 12:14 pm - mentalward - Hello?

Is this community active, because I am part of the MGSA (VampyKali on the message board) and I was thinking of creating group for MDGhosts, but I don't want to step on toes.

12/26/04 11:24 am - dark_fire18 - New Member

Hello everyone, I'm a new member & I LIVE in the State of Maryland. It's very haunted & I just LOVE that very much! I'm 18 & been into ghosts since I was 10, when I remembered meeting a Civil War Ghost when I was really young. ^^; I saw the ghost my family's business's land in a brown house. I never seen a ghost since then but it's amazing that I did see that ghost when I was younger. Anyhow, I strongly believe in ghosts & I do care about what the non-believers say! Well you know, I have to go now so you can post a comment about this. Peace!

11/24/04 07:55 pm - sakurastarix

hey...just joined this community...anyways...let me tell you about myself. I've believed in ghosts since I first saw one when I was five years old..it wasn't until years later that I learned more about ghosts and the paranormal that I got really into it. I've been on a few ghost hunting trips...met a few ghosts from there and my house is most definately haunted. I've been trying to contact my ghosts for years and I've talked to them through dreams but just last week on my bathroom's window pane there was writing on it...like right after I took a shower the window was all fogged up and I saw words that were really thin and shaky and looked right out of a horror movie hehe. On the one pane was "hi" with an arrow pointing up and the next window pane had "bye" on it. I have no idea what it means but none of the ghosts have left, in fact they've gotten more active lately...like tonight they opened my Mom's bedroom door very very wide, when I checked out her room it felt ten degrees cooler than the rest of the house..and none of the windows are open since it's cold and raining outside...so yeah.

Got any opininos on what the messages mean? And does anyone know how to contact ghosts without using a ouija board and a voice recording machine? Thanks for reading this

11/2/04 02:20 pm - bobandweave

hello fellow ghost hunters. i wanted to make a post about my new LJ community ghostly_oh - i know there is a ghostly_pa and obviously a ghostly_md. i wanted to ask if we could be sister communities.

i encourage you, if you will, to come join my community. you can go there now to check out the pictures i have up and see if you would like to join or not.

x-posted to ghostly_pa

10/26/04 12:43 pm - nincs_esze


10/26/04 12:27 pm - nincs_esze

brand new community. i want to try and set up a group to visit http://www.geocities.com/bmore_ghosts/qm.html and the hell house in eliccot city. Does anyone have directions?
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